Macro Moments- #35

I got the opportunity to go to the local nursery the other day. Of course, all the flowers were in bloom and it was like the Garden of Eden. I didn’t have my camera with me, although I took a few iPhone pics while I was there. It’s only like 10 miles from where I live, so I went back with my camera as soon as I could.

I only used my 100mm macro lens.  I debated on using the tripod, but I feel that it’s so cumbersome and awkward that I nixed that idea. Plus, after I got into the rose greenhouse, there were flowers to capture where I had to maneuver in between others.

So now, after a few hours spent there, about 250 photos later, my hands and back are functioning at 30%. Then another many hours going through and processing said photos, I have a nice bunch of flowers whose beauty is captured forever. I could’ve spent a lot more time there with the roses. Just walking in there you’re hit with the fragrance and spectacular beauty of them all together.  They are exquisite.  I’m sure if I went back today, there would be different examples of their beauty that were only buds before. I feel joy that I have captured the ones that were in full glory but are now fading. They are forever preserved in their finest form.

I’d never thought of doing that before. Although we didn’t live as close to that nursery before and I didn’t drive by it every time we went into town. Now, hopefully, it will be an annual thing. Maybe even more than annual. I will, and have gone in and actually bought plants for my garden so maybe I should take my camera whenever I go to buy, just in case.

In any case, here is my first share of the fruits of my delight. You’ll notice the edges are a little worn but the beauty is still there.


Canon EOS Rebel T4i;   f-stop: f/5;   exposure time: 1/500 sec;   ISO- 100;

exposure bias: -0.3 step;   focal length: 100mm;   metering mode: Center Weighted Average

Macro Moments- #35


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