COB- 4/16/17

Cee’s Oddball Challenge- 4/16/-17

It’s the middle of APRIL already! Where does the time go? Seems like it was October just yesterday.

My submission for COB this time is from the beach on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Hubs always wants to call it “Victoria Island”. I understand the confusion since Vancouver is on the mainland, and Victoria is on the island. Plus Victoria is the capital of BC. (Impressed? Don’t be. I’m lucky I remembered this.) The city of Victoria is quite beautiful.

These photos were taken somewhere near Tofino. They’re kind of stingy with their beaches in that area. (Sorry Canada. I love you, but it was really hard to see the ocean without buying a pass. Which we weren’t going to do because we’d only be there for maybe 30 minutes.)

Anyway, we did find a spot that we could get to the beach and I found these. They look like some sort of jellyfish. I didn’t disturb them, but did get close enough for a photo. The second one really looks like a mare’s placenta to me. That may be gross to some people but it’s just nature to me. The third photo is the ridges the water makes on the beach, which I thought was pretty cool. I rarely get to see a beach, so even the most mundane things are interesting to me. Well, I guess that goes for just about anything though, in my case. 🙂

Isn’t this a cool pattern on this thing? And it looks like the silhouette of a bird on it in that left bottom corner!


This one was still in the shallow water. Even though it looks like a mare’s placenta to me, it’s still fascinating and beautiful in its own way.


The ridges on the beach. They make a pretty interesting pattern.


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