Vancouver Island

I just got through submitting a post for Cee’s Oddbal Photo Challenge . It’s a neat challenge and always fun to see the oddball photos that people have. Anyway, I used some photos from our Canadian trip that took us to Vancouver Island. It made me think about that part of the trip and that I could share some of it with you. So here goes.

I will start out by saying that British Columbia (BC), Canada is beautiful, fascinating and extremely fun to explore.  The people are really friendly and we love visiting. I will add that Alberta is the same, but we haven’t been all over that province quite as much as BC.

I’ve already written about our adventure to Seymour Arm. The trip to Vancouver Island was a lot less stressful. Hubs always wants to say “Victoria Island”. With Vancouver being on the mainland, and Victoria on the island and being the capital of BC, I understand why. It took me a bit to get it straight too. We took the ferry over from the mainland to Nanaimo (pronounced nah’ NIE’ mo).


I believe it took about 1 1/2 hours to cross the waterway. This was in 2008, so I could be wrong. Anyway… during that time, we crossed a line where the water changed dramatically. In the first part of the ride, the water was a greenish brown.


Then when we got to the “line”, and it was a line, it changed to a dark blue. I don’t know if this is caused by a change in temperature, or depth to the water or what. It was pretty weird though. You can see the definite line  of brownish water to blue in this photo.


We got to Nanaimo, and headed down Hwy 1.


There were some goats eating on the roof of a restaurant on highway 4. By the time I realized what I was seeing, I barely had time to snap a photo.


We stopped in Port Alberni for one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. They were having a Tall Ship festival! There were several Tall Ships there and when they went out into the bay, they put up the sails and had a mock cannon fight with each other. It was amazing. I got a ton of photos of them and I will share that story with the photos on another day.


Aren’t they just fantastic?


We spent a few hours there and then went on our way towards Tofino. We got there just before sunset. I waited at the pier for the sun to go down and it was glorious!



The next day we took off, hoping to find a way to the beach. We drove by a lot of spots that required a pass that you had to buy to get access to the beach. We didn’t have time to stay long enough to warrant buying a pass, so we kept going. We finally found a spot that didn’t say anything about needing a pass, so we walked down to a little spot where we could look around.



This is also where we came across the aforementioned submissions for the COB.

The island is beautiful.


And, it has bears! Can you believe it? I couldn’t! Logic would say that they swam over to the island. I’m guessing they took a shorter route than we did by ferry. In looking at the map, farther north, the islands are much closer to one another. I guess they were determined to get to Vancouver Island! In all of the time that we’ve spent in Canada, we’ve only seen a couple of bears. Believe me when I say that we don’t spend all of our time in the populated areas. It’s not appealing to either of us. We prefer to see nature. With that being said, I was doubly surprised to see a black bear on Vancouver Island! Totally a “holy crap!” moment!


We got to Victoria with a few hours to spare. We had to catch the ferry over to Washington, USA at a certain time, which is why we didn’t have too much time to linger on the journey to Victoria.

Victoria is very nice and we got to see a little bit of it.

There were a lot of boats of all different kinds, including yachts. There were some airboat tours and seaplane tours going out too.

Victoria was the place where I saw my first cruise ship. They are SO huge!


There were three of them moored up at the pier. I got a photo of them as we left on the ferry to the States. People looked like ants next to them.



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