CYW- Silver


NOOOOOOOO!!! Color Your World is almost over!!! Why oh why???

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This color is only slightly darker than the previous color Timberwolf.

#cdc5c2 color image

This phenomenal individual was sleeping in his stall when I came by. His color is called a silver dapple, or a black taffy. He could be called a chocolate flaxen, but he’s really too dark and with silver for that color.  His mane is wavy because it had been braided. I believe he is a Gypsy Vanner. They are known for their extraordinary amounts of hair and this beauty has a lot of feathering (hair) on his legs. They are most generally a pinto color, which is a  spotted pattern of dark and white, but they do come in this color. If you want to see some equine eye candy, google Gypsy Vanner.

I wish I’d have gone back and gotten photos of him when he was up. He’s incredible just lying there, and I can only imagine what he looked like standing up. I also wish I’d have been better acquainted with my phone camera. I hate it when I take blurry photos.

Date taken 9/16/2010. 
At State Fairgrounds- OK State Fair

Date taken 9/16/2010
State Fairgrounds- OK State Fair




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