It’s been a while since I’ve written. Because of that, it’s been harder to get started again. We went on vacation (first one in 6 years) which I’ll write about later. Plus I haven’t  been able to think of anything to write about nor have I had much time.

Yesterday was  our Independence Day here in the great USA. Most of the towns around here put on a fireworks show. Even the small towns, if they have any money. One of them was shooting off fireworks LAST week. I don’t understand that, but whatever.

We live on a high hill so we can see a long way off, which is how I knew a distant town was shooting off fireworks last week. They were too big for an individual to be doing, unless it was some company that decided to do it. Anyway, last night we could see lots & lots of fireworks going off. There were at least 5 towns and even more individuals celebrating. It made me proud to see so many people taking part in the celebration. Now what their mind-set was I don’t know of course. It could’ve been “Let’s get drunk and shoot off fireworks!” or it could’ve been because their kids begged them for fireworks. Even the town could’ve been doing it because the people would’ve thrown a fit if they didn’t have a show. Our town threatened to not have fireworks one year. Bad idea. I want to think that a lot of them were doing it for the reason intended; to celebrate our nation and it’s independence.

Fireworks are just plain cool. I only get to see them once per year and it’s pretty special. I’m amazed at how they can put them together for all of the special effects and color combinations. I’ve tried to get photos and video of them before, but am unsuccessful every time. Which makes them even more elusive and in-the-moment to me. Last night we could hear the thousands of thump,thump, thump of fireworks’ booms reverberating around us. It was crazy.

So another 4th of July has come & gone. Just yesterday it was the 4th of June. For me, it’s the peak of summer already. It’ll be in the 90’s (F) in temperature all this week and will most likely go up through August. Time just flies by.


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