DP- Mighty

DP- Mighty

I wish I was as mighty as an ant. An ant can carry 10-50 times it’s own body weight. I guess along with that ability comes confidence and determination. I’ve seen red ants a hundred yards from their hill. That’s a football field for us. It seems like it would be travelling across the world for them. Yet they travel that far looking for (I’m guessing) food and then when they find it, they have to carry it back all that way. I’m not a big fan of ants, but I do admire their abilities.

I would be ecstatic to have even a portion of that kind of strength. Often I’ve wished I was at least as strong as my husband. Being a female, I’ve had to devise many different methods of getting something done that required more strength than I have available. I’ve had to substitute brain strength for physical strength. I guess if we don’t have it physically we have to find it mentally. Which really, is the greatest and mightiest strength of all.

(I have no idea what these ants are doing. They just gathered like this one day. Maybe it’s like the bees when they get a new queen and some of them gather with her and go find another home. I don’t know.)



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