DP- Witty

Daily Prompt- Witty

Ok WordPress, get out of my brain! Sure there’s plenty of empty space for you to move into but you weren’t invited. How do I know you’re in there? Because this is what I was going to post today before I read the prompt. Because this is SO me in relation to the Daily Prompt.


But now, since I’m here and so on top of things, at least for the minute… I will post some of my favorite snarky  witty e-cards. Most are compliments of someecards.com.

Some people deserve an award for this ability.
I try to keep the profanity to a minimum on here. All limitations are lifted at home though. 
Well, that’s pretty general. Mostly just SOME people. 
I guess the Daily Prompt couldn’t use this one. 
Clearly, I haven’t tried this yet. 
Yeah man. 

Or else I’m like this…



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