WPC- Rounded

Weekly Photo Challenge- Rounded

This week, the topic for the photo challenge is “rounded”.  Perfect! I gravitate towards soft edges, curves, circles, etc. I purposely have a lot of that in my house. Partly because I hate running into a sharp corner. But mostly because I feel that curves & circles are much less harsh looking, more artistic, friendlier and inviting. I mean, who wants to feel the sharp edge of a counter? Almost everyone enjoys the feel of a bullnose (rounded) edge of a counter.

Well, anyway, moving on.  Here are some photos of things that are rounded.

A daisy.
Pine needles in ice.
A pathway.
A drop of water landing in water.
El Capitan, in Yosemite Nat’l Park whose edges have been rounded by millions of years of nature. 
Some cool clouds. 
Augusta, MT. That mountain on the right looks photoshopped, it’s so round. But it’s not. 
Many Glaciers area in Glacier Nat’l Park.

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