Super Creepy Crap

love going to antique stores. There are always so many things to see and things I’ve never seen before. Some of those things are incredible while others make me wonder “What the heck is THAT?” and who would pay money for it. And then… then there are the truly horrifying, scary-as-hell things. Like the stuff they make horror flicks out of . You know, like stuff that would be in Stephen King’s closet. I’m just sayin’…  Stuff that I wouldn’t have in my house because of the nightmares they’d cause. You get my point. So anyway, I came across an item like that, and it dawned on me. I should take photos of these things and share them with the rest of the world to wonder over; and probably scare the crap outa them. Now, not all of the photos are of super creepy crap, some of it is just weird crap; but for the most part I’m going with super creepy crap.

I know it’s Halloween and I should’ve started this earlier in the month. But I’ve been tied up trying to get all of my other photos in order (it’s been taking years, months, days  i.e. forever) before I could get to these. I just got the idea in September and started then. I don’t have a whole lot of examples yet since I don’t go to antique stores every day. I hope to gather more and make it a mission. It’s the best excuse I can think of to go antiquing more often. 🙂 I’m not going to show all of them at once. Probably a couple today and a couple tomorrow just cuz it’s Halloween. Then it’ll be one or two as I can get to them. You’re welcome to share a pic of some super creepy crap that you saw in an antique store in the comments if you so desire.

So with all of that being said, I will start with the item that gave me the idea. I was in Illinois at the time. We were on our way to Chicago on business. Hubs is great at letting me stop at antique stores along the way on our trips, if we have time. He’s such a keeper. So there I was, in this antique store and I walk around the corner and there this was. I think I physically flinched when I saw it. What poor child was forced to live with this thing? I imagine it standing in the corner of the bedroom, staring at me, cursing whomever did that to it’s hair. I can’t say I blame it. I can say “Don’t come to my house. Ever.”



I think this thing is suppose to be a cat. At least it might be the intention. The tag does say “cat in a can”. That long black thing behind it on the left is (I think) it’s tail. Maybe it’s suppose to be scary. Maybe it’s suppose to be for Halloween. I’m kind of doubting it, but maybe. It’s the wrong kind of scary. You’re not suppose to scare your owner and make them think you’re possessed. What else is scary is that they had it marked at $29.99. Another kind of wrong scary. Thinking of this thing on a shelf at my house gives me the shivers.


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