Look closely

I thought I'd post a few photos from 2017 that I liked.  These were all taken in New Mexico when we were travelling through. These first two have items that aren't readily seen. Crossing this creek, all I saw at first was the beautiful view. I didn't notice the guy until after I'd taken the... Continue Reading →


I have a Proclivity  to watch the movie "Battleship". I don't know why and can't explain it, but I'm compulsed to watch it whenever I come across it on the TV. Which happens fairly often. I can't even count how many times I've watched that movie. I watched it when I was in the hospital. It was... Continue Reading →

Adios Christmas

Well, another Christmas has come & gone. It always comes up so fast and then it's over. I think it's kind of like a wedding... lots of prep then it lasts for one day and it's over. My Christmases have changed over the years. When I was younger, but living away from my parents' home,... Continue Reading →


Cee's Flower of the Day  is the Foxglove. It's not required to only show Foxgloves, or whatever flower is featured for that day. It's just easier for me to use a photo of each particular flower for that day. I think they're so pretty. I don't see them here in OK. My guess is it... Continue Reading →

DP- Age

Age Great. Now I have to think about age. Not that I don't already. I just turned 59 last month. I wonder often where has my life gone? What have I been doing all of this time? Will I do anything different with my remaining time? Because yes, I do think about the end of... Continue Reading →

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