CYW- wk 5

Color Your World: 1/28/18-2/3/18   Electric Lime   Sky Blue   Banana Mania   Sunset Orange   Purple Pizzazz (the hex # is wrong on the list. It's actually #fe4eda.)   Blue Violet   Black (hex#000000)

DP- Silhouette

I decided to use these photos of a sunset in fog for the  Daily Prompt- Silhouette The trees are in a dark silhouette and the houses are in a much foggier silhouette. The color of the sky was super cool!  

Do I Love My Camera?

Or should the title be:  "Do I Love My Camera!"  It's both. Ugh. I'm in a dilemma. Here it is. I got a new camera for Christmas. Woo Hoo! Yippee! Wait. I didn't want or need a new camera. I love my Canon T4i  (aka Canon EOS Rebel T4i) and I've only had it for uh... well, it was... Continue Reading →

Color Your World- wk 4

CYW- 1/21-1/27/18 I have to confess that I'm completely confused on where to link the CYW posts to. I'm also having trouble finding everyone else's submissions. Granny Smith Apple:   Turquoise Blue: Shadow:   Red Orange:     Hot Magenta:     Blue Bell:     Gray:

WPC- Silence

Weekly Photo Challenge- Silence If you've been to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, you know how the sheer enormity and absolute silence of the canyon strikes  you. Most of the times I've been there, there haven't been many people to interrupt that silence. If there were, I'd wait until they left so I could experience... Continue Reading →

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