DP- Treat


My dogs are treat junkies. I’ve known this for a while. Heck, I’m an enabler and their supplier. In my defense, Tater has to have a thyroid pill twice a day. The best and easiest way to do that is put it in a treat. Since I only have two dogs left, that leaves Vela and I have to treat them equally. Pun intended.

I will make it clear here that my dogs are well-cared for and every need is met. Well, almost. No table scraps. Mini Schnauzers have a problem with Pancreatitis and fat is a major factor in that. But anyway, they have free choice with their food. They always have. What that means is they have dry food available for whenever they want it. They eat when they want. They don’t overeat, they’re not overweight and they don’t go hungry. It was this way even when I had the horde. Nobody fought over food, ever.

Ok. Back to the treat junkies. Now that I am giving them treats twice a day, Tater has taken to telling me when to do it. That she needs her treat. Urgently. Of course she doesn’t know there’s a pill in it. It’s a perk in her life and she deserves it, obviously. According to her everyone should know that by now. She’s 8 pounds of diva. If I’m doing something, like now, she’ll come up to the couch and just stare at me. With laser focus.


She’s 10 now and doesn’t jump up on the couch anymore. “Do you want up on the couch?” “No.” “Ok. Do you need out?” “No.” “OK…”  Can you tell that she’s annoyed that I’m not getting up?

If I ignore her after that, she’ll stand up & put her front paws on the couch to get my attention. Like I didn’t see her sitting there, boring holes into me. If that doesn’t work, then she’ll start tapping my leg with a paw. Like “Hey!… Hey! Hey!… ” Tap. (don’t make eye contact) Tap. (if you look at her, she’ll know it’s working) Tap. Tap; until I’m annoyed enough to ask her “WHAT do you WANT???” As a matter of fact, she’s doing it right now.  Sigh.

… well to heck with it. I gotta go take care of this emergency.

Getting ready to tap on my leg. 

And… there you go! Did you feel me tap on your leg? Do you know I’m here? Don’t you know I need my treat? How many ways can I say it?




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