Things Your Horse Wants You to Know

  Here are some things that horses want you to know: 1. When you're out in the pasture, don't creep towards them like you're Nosferatu. I mean, really.¬† Who wouldn't run from something like this?!   2. If you're trying to hide the halter or bridle behind your back, it doesn't work on the wise... Continue Reading →

Color Your World- wk 4

CYW- 1/21-1/27/18 I have to confess that I'm completely confused on where to link the CYW posts to. I'm also having trouble finding everyone else's submissions. Granny Smith Apple:   Turquoise Blue: Shadow:   Red Orange:     Hot Magenta:     Blue Bell:     Gray:

WPC- Silence

Weekly Photo Challenge- Silence If you've been to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, you know how the sheer enormity and absolute silence of the canyon strikes¬† you. Most of the times I've been there, there haven't been many people to interrupt that silence. If there were, I'd wait until they left so I could experience... Continue Reading →

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