WPC- Beloved

Weekly Photo Challenge- Beloved

Without question Hubs and Dear Son are my most beloved. As they should  be. With that being said, I will focus on my beloved animals for this challenge.

This was a really, really tough one for me. As I’ve posted previously in these posts:

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Left Behind

I’ve lost 5 dogs in 2 years, and my favorite mare not too long before that. So looking at their photos is heartbreaking for me. Is it wrong to say I had favorites? Maybe. But the mare and a couple of the dogs were my favorites. They just had that certain spirit, soul if you will, that bonded me to them in a way that the others didn’t. I’ve loved all of my animals, and treated them all in the best way possible. They didn’t go without, except for maybe haircuts for the dogs. I probably should’ve clipped them more often.


This little girl is one of the two who are still with me. She’s one of those with the special spirit. Maybe it’s because she’s so velcro. She follows me everywhere and has to be where I am. She’s recently started having a problem with her spine which is affecting her back legs. We’re working on a remedy. Hoping it works. She turned 10 in August.

Her registered name is Wickedly Wonderful. Her call name is Salem.

This sweet boy was my first Schnauzer. He was an “old soul” from the beginning. Always a gentleman and I can’t remember him ever doing anything wrong. I got him when he was 8 wks old. I lost him to old age at 15.


This girl… well I can’t even look at her photos without tears. She was super smart. She was the leader of the whole herd. She was everything.

She was obsessed with playing fetch. She’d bring me the ball and drop it at my feet. If I didn’t pay any attention to her, she’d pick it up and drop it ON my feet. If that didn’t work, she’d tap at me with her paw. Sometimes she would just throw the ball herself and go get it. I wish I’d have gotten that on video.

This is Raisin. I named him that because he was small & brown. Dear Son got these packing peanuts that melt. He wet the end & stuck them on Raisin’s back so he looked like a dinosaur. Raisin was another velcro dog, and so special.

This was my beautiful mare. She didn’t have a speck of white on her. You can see that she did sun bleach in the summer. By the end of summer, she almost looked like a bay.

She was so super sweet. She never bucked or had any vices whatsoever. I rode her with a bosal because she never needed a bit in her mouth. I got her as a weanling. I knew she was the one when I saw her, although she was really small for her age. I lost her to founder, although I did everything I could to save her.  Vets, farriers, ice packs twice a day, foam pads on her feet, even some special boots with gel inserts for her.  *sigh*


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