WPC- A Face in the Crowd

WPC- A Face in the Crowd

Hmm. Well they DO call it a “challenge”.  If anyone has seen my posts, they’ll realize that I don’t have many photos of people. Generally I don’t take photos of people I don’t know. Also with this blog I’ve chosen to keep anonymity a priority for myself and my family. I feel it keeps things much simpler, among other things. So therefore, I don’t have many photos of people to share.

I do have some of some public places which have a number of people in them. I’ve blurred their faces, if they were recognizable. I don’t know the rules about taking peoples’ pictures without permission. I’d think they would be fair game if they’re in a public area and among other people. I mean, you can’t ask a whole group of people walking down a street if it’s ok to get their photo.

So with all of that being said, I’ll start with a photo of myself. Well, a silhouette of myself. It was a reflection that I saw on the wall one day. It was when I was on chemo and didn’t have any hair and my glasses reflected the light in an interesting way. It kind of sums up how I felt at the time- a ghost of my previous self.


A view of a street in Skagway, Alaska. I don’t remember how many cruise ships were there that day, but the town was busy. All of these Alaska towns were pretty cool.

Downtown Skagway.

A very spectacular cave in Arkansas.


A view of the cruise ship passing under Lion’s Gate Bridge in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  It’s pretty neat to go under such a huge bridge and to see how close the high parts of the ship get to it. You can see people, mostly kids, on the bridge waving at us. 🙂


going under Lion's Gate Bridge

Ketchikan, Alaska from the balcony of our cabin on the ship.

Ketchikan from our room balcony.



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  1. I enjoyed your post today, especially the self portrait. I, too, am hesitant to post pictures of real people, but they are so interesting. I feel like I am stealing something if I take a photo of someone without their permission. But I don’t have the nerve to ask their permission.


    1. Thanks Carol. I know what you mean. Some people are sensitive/self conscious about having their photo taken. Maybe if you asked them in a complimentary way? After all, there must be something special about them that makes you want to take their photo. With all the selfies & phone cameras out there, I think people are less shy these days. Thanks for commenting!


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