CYW- wk 13

Color Your World- 3/25/18 Jungle Green   Denim   Unmellow Yellow (hex # is ffff66)  I just have to say here that this was one of the most perfect dandelions I'd ever seen. Orange Lavender ( I sure don't know how they associated this color with Lavender. Looks pink to me.)   Beaver Radical Red

COB- 3/25/18

Cee's Oddball Challenge- 3/25/18 We came across this picnic table while we were exploring the Turner Falls area here in Oklahoma. I don't know if some idjit put it there, or if Mother Nature did. Either way, it was a surprise and very odd. I did think how it looked under water was cool though.... Continue Reading →

CWW- 3/23/18

Cee's Which Way- 3/23/18 I'm getting that feeling of being behind again. Dang it! Gotta catch up on my challenges. These come from one of our drives where we'd gone as far as we could on the road. There was a rock slide that blocked the road. But I wanted to see a little bit... Continue Reading →

WPC- Favorite Place

WPC- Favorite Place Well, darn it. I can't choose just ONE favorite place! There are so many extraordinary places that I've seen. Peyto Lake is literally breathtaking. Like when you see it, there's a swift intake of air. That teeny little light colored line in the middle right is hwy 93, going through the valley.... Continue Reading →

CYW- wk 12

CYW- wk 12 Shamrock: Navy Blue Laser Lemon Sepia Magenta Fuchsia Red Since I couldn't decide between these two, I'm using both.  

Artist or Assistant

After reading a post from another blogger Irevuo, I felt my response would be too long for just a comment box. I've thought about the issue of artist or assistant a few times before but haven't posted my opinion till now. I read about Dale Chihuly and how his assistants do a lot of the work. I guess... Continue Reading →

CWW- 3/16/18

Cee's Which Way Challenge- 3/16/18 In a number of places we've been, livestock is allowed to roam free-range. Which means they may be on the road you're driving on. Usually if you go into an area with free-range livestock, there is a sign announcing it and a cattle guard - called a Texas Gate in... Continue Reading →

COB- 3/18/18

Cee's Oddball Challenge- 3/18/18 There's so much to look at in this photo that I'm only posting one this week. I have no explanation for it.  This photo was taken in May 2017. The photo is bigger than this, but for some reason WP won't let me make it bigger. Oh well. There are a... Continue Reading →

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