CYW- April 22-30 2018

I'm combining these last two weeks of the challenge since I'm late on last week anyway. This is the end of the challenge. ūüė¶¬† It is always a lot of fun and this year was no exception. Thanks to Jennifer over at Tourmaline for hosting this challenge! Wow! A lot of these colors are so... Continue Reading →


This is a little meme that I came up with the other day. Since I had one of those events. It was a fatastrophy.  

Let Me Elaborate

I came across this questionnaire from Embeecee's blog¬†and I thought I'd join in. This will also fit into the Daily Prompt of¬†elaborate.   Do you have a nickname? What do you prefer to be called?¬†¬†Nope.¬† Something non-derogatory is always good. Do you have books on your shelf (ereader) that are begging to be read?¬†Oh heck... Continue Reading →

WPC- Prolific

WPC- Prolific I think it's fair to say I'm prolific with photos. It sure feels like a mountain of 'em when I'm trying to organize and back them up. It's no lie that this blog is heavy on the photographic side. They range from pleasing to downright "it's horrible but it's the only one I... Continue Reading →

Blue River/Hughes Crossing

Cee's Which Way 4/20/18 For Cee's Which Way this week, I'm sharing some photos of Hughes Crossing on the Blue River in Oklahoma. This area is just north of Tishomingo, OK. I read that it's about 2 1/2 hours from OKC, and about the same from Dallas. We visited back in August 2017 and there... Continue Reading →

COB 4/15/18

Cee's Oddball Challenge 4/15/18 We came across this when we were visiting the Blue River area in Oklahoma. It's just a few miles north of Tishomingo. I've written more about the river crossing in another post¬†Blue River/Hughes Crossing We have no idea what it is. I can't find any information about it online. Maybe I'm... Continue Reading →

CYW- April 15-21/2018

Color Your World- April 15-21 Pine Green Glacier Nat'l Park. If you've never been...for the love of nature!¬† Pack up & go! ūüôā Cadet Blue Bowman Lake- northwestern part of Glacier Nat'l Park. Brick Red   Mango Tango   Carnation Pink   Raw Sienna Scarlet

DP- Song

Daily Post- Song There are a lot of songs that I like. There are all different kinds of music that I like. I think what rises to the top of my list is guitar instrumentals. Good guitar is magical. Stevie Ray Vaughn is, in my opinion, the master of guitar. Every note is pin-point clear... Continue Reading →

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