The Big Three Oh

30. It’s a milestone. People turn thirty and they (generally) get a new perspective on life. Like they’re not a kid anymore. Some people freak out too I guess. As far as age goes, I’m looking at double that this year. Talk about a different perspective. How the hell did I get this old? Not that I’m complaining. Age is better than dead any day. But I’m not writing this post to talk about age.

Hubs and I will be having our 30th wedding anniversary soon. That’s a Wow! for me. Sometimes it doesn’t seem that long, other times it seems like forever- like we’ve always been married. This has been our first and only marriage for both of us. I guess that needed to be said. A lot of people hop in & out of marriage like it’s some sort of sport. It’s not that I think people should stay in a bad marriage. Nobody should live their life in misery. I do wish more people would take marriage more seriously though. It’s not a 2-year trial, or a disposable thing, in my opinion.

Krikies it’s a lot of work! I’m sure it’s easier for some, but in my experience it’s a lot of work. You have to adjust to another person. You’re living with them, they’re living with you and that takes a lot of adjustment. There’s a lot of compromise and negotiations going on and of course disappointment when things don’t go as you’d like. There are also arguments which are the worst part. I’ve learned that nobody can hurt you more than the person you love, even when they love you.

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  1. Thirty years?? Congratulations! Hubby and I made 18 years of marriage, after four years of co-habitation, so twenty two. I wish I’d have known the information you shared here, because it might have helped. And then, we both came from pretty dysfunctional families so it might not. And I learned something from my marriage – nobody, but nobody ever really knows what’s going on IN the relationship, except the couple themselves. Your marriage sounds lovely and happy, which is a good thing to hear. I’ve heard of far too many of the opposite kind..

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    1. Thanks for commenting Embeecee. My marriage isn’t perfect or carefree, but it is better than it used to be. Only because we’ve really worked at it. It was pretty bad for the first 10 years. Counseling helped a lot. Hubs says we’re too hard-headed to give up on anything.
      I just think people need to leave the childish way of arguing behind. In all aspects of their lives.


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