WPC- All Time Favorites 2: Alaska

WPC- All-Time Favorites

I can’t just let it go! I’m trying to stretch out the WPC as long as I can. With that being said, I saw that Cee is posting her favorites by category. I thought that was a fabulous idea so I’m taking her idea and running with it.

This category will be Alaska. Since I’ve  been twice now and took like a thousand photos each time and since Alaska is so beautiful, I’ve got plenty for its own category. Even for all-time favorites.

This is the road into Denali Nat’l. Park. This is around the end of August- beginning of September.


The magnificent Mt. Denali. We were so lucky to get to see it!


A view of the coast from the ship. 
Hubbard Glacier calving.
Another view of the coast.
The beautiful colors of Alaska.
Alaska- Juneau
The view from the top of Mt. Roberts tramway in Juneau.



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  1. Never let it go. I will always weekly the tag ‘Weekly Photo Challenge” even there is no more prompt and see what others have to share. Alaska so close to us, at the tip of British Columbia, Canada. Your shot of the glacier calving made me not to take anymore voyage by sea because it disturbs it. Only by land.

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    1. Thanks for your comment! I like the idea of still tagging a post with WPC. I love BC, Canada. It’s incredible. My knowledge of the glaciers is that they are constantly moving very, very slowly towards the sea and it causes pieces to break off when they get there. The ships have to stay at least a mile away from the glaciers for several reasons.

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  2. I did exactly the same. I did one post on family, and I did another post for sunset today. We came back from Alaska a week ago, we went to Denali also and lucky to have a sunny day to see the mountains. We could make one post a day until Tuesday!!!

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