Denali Magic 2

I wrote a post about Denali in Alaska and I felt that it was getting too long. So I broke it up and am having part 2 here, because I know part 2 is long. Part 1 is here. Frankly, I can't believe how long it takes me to get these posts done. It's like herding... Continue Reading →

Denali Magic

Denali is in Alaska, USA. It's the tallest mountain in North America at 20,310 feet above sea level. This makes it the third highest of the Seven Summits- the highest mountains on each of the seven continents — following Mount Everest in Nepal and Aconcagua in Argentina. By one measure, it could be considered the... Continue Reading →

31SRW- combining

31SRW Still trying to catch up. I'm so behind that I'm going to group several of these together. 7. Solitude   9. Eating 10. Rocks 11. Building 12. Fountains/Water  

31SRW- Crowd

31SRW- Crowd I couldn't find any photos of crowds of people. Crowds of people aren't my thing. I do whatever I can to avoid them actually. So taking a photo of a crowd wouldn't be at all pleasing to me. Therefore, I'm submitting crowds of a different type. This crowd of Benjees (as in Benjamin; Benjamin... Continue Reading →

Dappled, or a Thousand Shades of Grey

RDP #40- Dappled The RagTag Daily Prompt number 40 is dappled. Since I've been involved in horses all of my life, I instantly thought of them and couldn't pass this one up. Some of these photos are not mine and are used for reference purposes only. To  be clear, there are color dapples and health dapples. Health... Continue Reading →

31SRW- Day 4 & 5

31SRW- Day 4: Clutter or Messy The topic for Day 5 is "fire". I'll be combining these two to help me catch up. I hate clutter and mess. We lived in a small house for over 20 years and it felt like it was always a cluttered mess. No matter how much I cleaned. When... Continue Reading →

31SRW- Day 3

Ok. Day 3 in the 31-day photo challenge that Shelley over at Quaint Revival has set before us. The topic is clouds. I could post cloud photos every day for a couple of months so I'm all over this one. I'll try to keep it reined in... Clouds do weird and wonderful things. Apparently they... Continue Reading →

31SRW- Day 2

Man... how many days behind am I? That's how behind I am. I don't know whether to link back to the original Day 1 of the challenge or to Shelley's corresponding day post of the challenge. I'm thinking it would make more sense to link to her corresponding post. Otherwise there would be a gajillion... Continue Reading →

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