That is the Question

Ok. I'm jumping in on this questionnaire that Melanie of sparksfromacombustiblemind has posted on her site. Thanks Melanie! She got them from someone else. Clearly they've put a lot of time into these questions and I appreciate that. But in my circus of a brain, these things always raise more questions and I can never just answer... Continue Reading →

RDP- Dogs

RDP- Dog I've talked about my dogs a lot so when this prompt came up on the Ragtag Daily Prompt, I couldn't pass it up. I missed the cat one, although I love cats too. I think most, if not all, of my mentions of the dogs has been about the Mini Schnauzers. We had... Continue Reading →

Issues with Respect

This was a draft that sat here for a while before I got back to it and finished my thoughts. The RDP of "respect" fit perfectly. These are MY thoughts and opinions on some issues that I have been through in relationships with family and friends. I can only assume that other people have been... Continue Reading →

Super Creepy Crap 3

Ok. It's been a while since I posted some Super Creepy Crap. I started this around Halloween last year. It seemed an appropriate time. You can see the other posts Super Creepy Crap and Super Creepy Crap 2 if you want. In a nutshell, these are things that I come across at antique stores.  Coming across Super Creepy Crap... Continue Reading →

Some Flowers

I'm having a brain block on thinking of something to write about. So I guess I'll just post some flower photos. As usual. These first two photos are some flowers that a cactus presented me with. Aren't they incredible? I rescued this cactus when we were out 4-wheeling one day. It was barely hanging on.... Continue Reading →

Green Thumb Challenged

The Ragtag Daily Prompt is challenge. There are tons of challenges and struggles in life. I don't feel like doing a dark, sad post about the horrors of cancer or the loss of a dog. Been there, don't need to visit. Instead I think I'll cover the challenge of plant care. That is a major challenge... Continue Reading →

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