Some Flowers

I’m having a brain block on thinking of something to write about. So I guess I’ll just post some flower photos. As usual.

These first two photos are some flowers that a cactus presented me with. Aren’t they incredible? I rescued this cactus when we were out 4-wheeling one day. It was barely hanging on. It was lying on top of the ground with a thin strand of a root. I feel that these beautiful flowers are an expression of how happy the cactus is now. I know they made me happy!

flowers, cactusflowers, cactus

This is a different cactus.


Some geraniums.


This is some Kalanchoe. I didn’t know what it was for the longest time. Hubs got me the plant and he was told it was a cactus. So I watered it (barely) like a cactus for a long time. It didn’t do so well  until I found one at the store and realized that’s what I had at home. Then I started watering it more and it’s doing better. I love all the different colors on this one plant. These things can take some (unintentional) abuse and still flower.


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