Super Creepy Crap 3

Ok. It’s been a while since I posted some Super Creepy Crap. I started this around Halloween last year. It seemed an appropriate time. You can see the other posts Super Creepy Crap and Super Creepy Crap 2 if you want.

In a nutshell, these are things that I come across at antique stores.  Coming across Super Creepy Crap is becoming part of the fun of looking for treasures in antique stores. Before, it was just things that would creep me out and I’d move on. Even Hubs is getting into it. He’s doing “scary alerts” for me when he sees something disturbing. He’s usually way ahead of me in these places. I tend to look at stuff longer than he does.

So here we go.

Now, initially you would think “Hey, that’s not too bad.” As did I. But then I realized that he had no eyes and then I thought about the creepy but ultimately cheesy Leprechaun movies. Yes, Mr. Leprechaun/Elf dude. You qualify. Stay where you are.

scary, creepy

Now this thing… there’s no question of it qualifying. Totally creepy. Totally scary. I’m talking something that’ll show up in your dreams scary. Not only does it have an awful face, what is that white crap coming out if it’s head? Were they trying to make it look as creepy as possible? Ugly face- check. Nasty color-check. Glowing, reflective eyes- check. Hmm, it needs something. Let’s put some weird white crap coming out of either side of its head. And paint some gold on it. Yeah! I’m pretty sure if I had the choice, I’d pay $8 to keep it from coming home with me. Hell, I’d have paid $8 to never see this thing in the first place. What’s seen cannot be unseen. But then again, I’d have to see it to know I didn’t want to see it. Ugh. Don’t want to go down that rabbit hole.

scary, creepy

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  1. LOL – great examples of creepy stuff! I’m kind of a creeper when it comes to that stuff too, I like to look but not buy and I wonder about what kind of person it was that designed it in the first place. Artwork is so fascinating!

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