RDP- Dogs

RDP- Dog

I’ve talked about my dogs a lot so when this prompt came up on the Ragtag Daily Prompt, I couldn’t pass it up. I missed the cat one, although I love cats too.

I think most, if not all, of my mentions of the dogs has been about the Mini Schnauzers. We had big dogs too. This is Spur. He’s a Doberman Pinscher. He was pretty big and he would go into the wood shed and carry around these huge logs that we had for the wood-burning stove. Those logs were heavy! I couldn’t pick one up with one hand, it took both for me. I don’t know why he carried those things around. Working out? Practice for some large animal he imagined he’d catch someday? Whatever it was I know it took enormous strength to carry those things around.


This is Itchy. We named her that because when we found her on the side of the road as a puppy she was covered in fleas and ticks. She also had sarcoptic mange. If I remember correctly, we had to dip (saturate) her with mange medicine like every other day for about 3 weeks.  Hubs had seen her on the side of the road for 3 days when he came to me to say we had to rescue her. He couldn’t catch her so we both went out. I went around the other side of her. When she saw him, she ran straight for me. She wasn’t more than 3 or 4 months old. We had to keep her in the garage, away from the other two dogs until she was clear of mange & other parasites. She turned out to be the best dog ever. She had one ear that was up and one that folded over. She got hit by a car late one night when she was 5 and I spent all night with her at the emergency vet clinic. It had shattered the ball socket in her hip. She got repaired and lived to be almost 17 years old. Great dog.


There wasn’t much room in the house when everybody came in from the cold.


Everyone got along pretty well.



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    1. It was surprising to me too Gail. I still wonder why he did it though. The Doberman I had before him carried an armadillo around like that for about 10 minutes when we were out on a ride. I thought it was dead but when I told him to put it down, it scurried off, seemingly unharmed. Goofy Dobermans. 🙂


  1. Awww, they look so cute napping together. I wish my cats liked each other like that. Love hearing about Itchy. So cool that you rescued her. She looks happy in that picture.

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