Super Creepy Crap 4

Ah! More super creepy crap! Here are a few things that I’ve found at the antique stores. If you like creepy, here are other examples in the previous 3 posts about super creepy crap.

Super Creepy Crap 3    Super Creepy Crap 2    Super Creepy Crap

Now, maybe someone can explain it to me, but I can’t figure out why not a single person has scooped this thing up! A pirate’s head carved out of a coconut! I’m not sure what the hair is made of. I wasn’t brave enough to touch it. At least it’s smiling.


Now this one was scary for Hubs. A chalkware pig that says “hi” on the face and “bye” on the rear. I can see where he’s coming from on this. I wouldn’t want to see this every day.


Since the holidays are coming up, I’m sharing this one. Although it’s a Santa Claus, let’s face it (pun…hahaha!) it belongs in the Halloween category. Honestly- keep this thing away from children. They will not recover from this trauma.


4 thoughts on “Super Creepy Crap 4

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  1. This qualifies for a Creepy Crap award! I cannot believe the pirate from the coconut. I have never seen anything remotely like it, thats for sure. Making Santa creepy is scary. I am always curious where photos come from. So I appreciate that you told us these objects were in an antique store. (although that part is creepy as well)

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    1. Hahaha! Ah Carol, you may want to hold that award for a while. I have more Creepy Crap to reveal. I decided to get photos of scary stuff in antique stores last year. I’d come across a super creepy doll in an antique store and thought, “Hmm. I see scary stuff all the time. I should share that with folks.” I’m such a giver like that. LOL!

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