October Horror

Hello October. You’re early. According to my calendar it should still be July. I don’t know why July & August feel like they have to barely show up, but whatever.  I believe September was influenced by their behavior because it barely showed its face as well.

So be it. October is here and although it’s the doorway to winter, it has its charms. (Wow, that’s a lot of “its”. I had to go to the dictionary to see if I had them right.) I like the cooler weather, and the changing of the leaves. I really like decorating for Halloween. Such fun stuff! 

I’m not a big scary movie fan. At least not any of this stuff that’s been around for the past uh, maybe 20 years. Maybe I should clarify that to: not any of those slasher, blood & guts type movies that seem to be popular anymore. I used to watch scary movies with my mom & siblings when we were kids. Mom LOVED scary movies! They were actually scary back then insofar as they caused your imagination to build up the terror. You didn’t know what was in that deep, dark space but you knew something was there and there was no way it didn’t make you leap off the couch when it did show itself. I remember many a scary movie when Mom would shriek at a particularly intense moment in the scene just to make us jump sky high. It was a “gotcha” and she gleefully cackled afterwards. We did too after the initial shock. It also made us more tense, not knowing if or when she was going to do it. As we got a little older, we turned the tables and did it to her (and everyone else sitting there). It was all just part of the fun.

I know as I’ve watched some of those scary movies from the past, that they’re not really that scary. Some of the really old ones are super cheesy. We watched “The Mummy’s Hand” the other night. (Mummies are my favorite Halloween character to collect, btw.) It was cheesy, sure, but it was also fun. The slasher/blood & gore movies are not fun. They’re unimaginative and just gross. Seems like they’re all about how much blood & guts they can cram into a 2-hour show. Totally predictable- No! Don’t go out there alone! Always have to have at least one obligatory sex scene too. Really? I call that filler for lack of true horror genius.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about some of my favorite horror flicks and TV shows. In fact, the inspiration for this very post is the series Night Gallery

Image result for night gallery episodes

I remember it being super scary and one episode in particular has stuck in my mind because it scared the crap outa me.  I hunted for it because I couldn’t remember the name of the episode, just what it was about. I was pretty sure it was on Night Gallery, but not positive. Turns out it is Season 1, Episode 1- “Dead Man”.  That’s not counting the pilot film.  Now that I’ve found it, I want to watch it again, if I can find it in viewable form. It may turn out to be uber cheesy, but I’m not watching it while I’m by myself. It’ll be a relief if it IS cheesy! I do remember the pilot being pretty scary too, especially the part with Roddy McDowell becoming the heir to a fortune.

Rod Serling was awesome. His creepy demeanor, his voice, were perfect for this series. He had previously hosted The Twilight Zone which was more science fiction than horror. Night Gallery was more horror. Serling was the creator of The Twilight Zone and a major contributor to Night Gallery.

I think it’s worth the time to try and find some of these episodes and watch them. The episodes before they were chopped up and mangled by network executives; the hour-long episodes. Apparently there were 28 hour-long episodes (season 1 & 2). Then they cut the season 3 episodes down to 30 minutes. Then, to make a syndicate package, they cut the other 28 down to 30 minutes and completely messed it all up. I don’t know how hard it will be to see the original episodes. I haven’t tried to find them. This post has taken me way too long to complete as is. Funny how that happens.

P.S. I see that they’re having a remake of “Halloween” with Jamie Lee Curtis. I saw the original at the theater and had to go home to a dark house, alone. Took me a full 15 minutes to just open the door a little and reach my hand in to flip on the lights. Some things you just can’t be too sure about. He could’ve been in there.

Image result for twilight zone


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      1. You gave me an idea for a post. I have one of my mother’s old dolls. It gives me the creeps but my mother didn’t want us to throw her away. I have the doll in the cedar chest at the end of my bed and don’t know what to do with her!

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      2. I played with Barbies too but never enjoyed them much either. In my generation, the troll dolls were huge. So I played with dolls and trolls mostly and spent a lot of time outdoors as well.

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