Halloween Memories

I’ve been reading other people’s accounts of their Halloween experiences this year and it made me think of some of the ones we had with the kids when they were little. Dear Son is going to be 27 soon (What the…??? Where does the time go?) so it’s been quite a while since we’ve been trick-or-treating. Still, there are some things I’ll never forget.


Finding a costume that he’d wear. Let’s see, I remember a fireman, a Power Ranger, a ghoul… several ghouls because he wanted his face transformed and never really cared for masks.

We’d go together with my sis and her hubs and my niece & nephew. I don’t remember my niece going with us but a couple of times. She’s a few years older and I think she went with her friends & their parents most of the time. So it was 4 adults and 2 boys.

halloween-ralph & spike

We lived in the country so there wasn’t any trick-or-treating in the area. We’d pick up the relatives and go to the ‘burbs. Hubs & b.i.l would drive down the street while Sis and I would follow the boys from house to house. At first, the boys had to be trained. “Ring the doorbell. Wait for someone to open it. Say ‘trick or treat’ and they’ll give you some candy. Don’t forget to say ‘thank you’!”  I think the only thing that stuck was “candy”. Of course they were little and we would direct them through each step. Sometimes they’d go up to a door and just stand there. Hahaha! We’d have to tell them to ring the bell.

Then there was the time Hubs thought it would be a great idea to hop them up on Jolt cola. You know, the one that had extra sugar. Sort of like the prototype for energy drinks. The boys were probably 5 or 6. Us moms talked the dads down to just a couple of sips. Since we were the ones chasing the boys all over the neighborhood and we weren’t too keen on the idea for several other reasons. As it turned out, a couple sips was plenty. Trick-or-treating at warp speed. Sometimes they were so excited that they’d ring the bell and couldn’t wait 5 seconds for the person to open the door. They’d be making a mad dash down the driveway to get to the next house by the time the homeowner was opening the door. We’d have to tell them to wait just a little longer. We weren’t too happy with the dads that night.

meme quote cartoon

A lot of the houses’ yards were really decorated. It was great. Zombies coming out of the ground, ghosts flying from the trees, scary sounds. One house had a scarecrow dude sitting in a chair on the porch who came to life when the kids got up on the porch. Thankfully, he was a little less scary with the younger kids. On a warmer year, people were out in lawn chairs in their driveways handing out candy. One year was pretty chilly and we didn’t stay out very long.

It was great to see our boys so excited. It was also nice to see people who truly enjoyed the trick-or-treaters, and the concept of Halloween. Sometimes an older kid or teenager would answer the door, sometimes an adult. Some were even in costume themselves. We were always polite and made sure the boys said “Thank you”, as did we, from the sidewalk. Sometimes we’d compliment them on the cool Halloween yard they’d worked so hard on.



Yeah, fond memories of Halloween. Maybe that’s why it’s one of my favorite holidays.



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  1. Fun memories – my oldest is 26, your thoughts took me back to those trick-or-treating days, driving into town to get the better stash (we live in the country too). Happy Halloween to you and yours!

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