Super Creepy Crap #6

Ok. I realize that I have a lot of dolls in this series. But you have to admit that some of them can be super creepy. So here are a few more.

Somebody back me up… don’t these two have an evil look on their faces? Weren’t they part of some cartoon or kid’s show at one point? They seem familiar. Maybe it’s just from some nightmare I’ve had.


So I came around the corner and this thing literally made me jump back when I saw it.


I didn’t physically get any closer, but zoomed in. By the way, Hubs was long gone. He left me there to die, I’m sure of it.

Yep. Creep factor Zulu. 

Remember the creepy Santa from SCC #4 ? Here’s his reindeer:


4 thoughts on “Super Creepy Crap #6

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  1. Hahaha! Yes, the dolls look very evil. It also looks like their bellies might explode at any minute!

    That high chair that the really scary doll is sitting in, is the same high chair my mother had in the 50s for my sister and me. My brother-in-law refurbished it and my sister is now using it for her grandchildren!


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