Testing the New Editor

Just trying to figure out this new editor. I haven’t found any info on what everything does or how to do it. Just “Hey! We’re changing to this new editor! It uses blocks! Here ya go!” Since WP is going to change over to this thing, I guess I’d better figure it out. Not really sure how it works so here I go… Bear with me as I stumble through this. I used a block for the heading. So far so good. Added a new block for this paragraph by clicking the plus sign. Chose the “paragraph” icon. 

Another paragraph, another block. But I can change the background and/or the text color. The controls for that are in the side panel, when it is in the “block”  mode and you are in a paragraph block. It changes to image properties if you’re in a image block. It looks like it changes according to whatever type of block you’re in. That’s neat!

Do I have to add a block every time I start another paragraph? What if I want to insert a pic? Hmm. I have to hit enter, then it makes a new block. So then I use the plus sign and then choose image or gallery. And it puts it right there.  A link? I added it via the little control box attached to the paragraph at the top of it. That part is nice. https://sprawly.wordpress.com/2018/09/17/i-suck-at-blogging/

Is this paragraph in the same block then? 

No. I don’t think it is. I think every time I hit return, it makes a new block. So then can I move each block/sentence independently? 

Yes. Yes I can move each paragraph/block separately.Which might be interesting. I’m not keen about the paragraph I’m working on being at the bottom of the page all the time though. It won’t let me scroll up so that I can write a little higher on the page. I’m always looking down at the last sentence on the page instead of straight ahead.

I made a gallery! Hmm. So far, I might be figuring this out. Last time it was not good. But I didn’t start out by adding a block. I just started typing as usual, like in the olden days (two days ago). That may be the key.  

If you start out by adding a block as a paragraph, the text will stay in that block until you hit enter. Then it makes a new, separate block every time after that. It appears that you can just keep typing because it stays a paragraph block. But if you want to change it to something else, you have to click the plus sign, or the image, gallery, or heading icons before you start typing. If you hit the space key, maybe any key, it goes to paragraph block and there’s no option to change it in the control box to an image for example. I just had to remove that block and add a new one to make it an image block.

So then when I hit enter it makes a new block and I can click the plus sign next to the cursor and choose image and it lets me put an image right there. Then I hit enter again and it starts another new block and goes back to text. Or I can put whatever there, whichever block I pick from the list, like a quote.

Or I can add an image or gallery or heading by clicking on the little icons for each that are on the right of the block when I first start it. I like the little control panel that pops up at the top of the paragraph. So I can change things. If I want to delete the block ( because I had two empty ones in a row) I just click on the three dots and choose “remove block”. 

I just went back and inserted the meme above in between those two paragraphs. I clicked “enter” after the word “quote” and it opened a new block with the plus sign. I chose “image” and inserted the meme. 

If I put the cursor over the block, and I’m not working in it, it outlines the block and says what it is i.e. “paragraph” or “image” etc. The little control box pops up on one I’m working in and has an icon for the type of block it is. If I scoot the cursor to the left there are two arrows and a group of 6 dots. Unless, like now, I’m at the bottom of everything. Then there’s only the “up” arrow. It moved this paragraph up by one block. It appears that the dots are a manual grab so that you can move the block up farther & faster. If you move your cursor to the top middle of the outline of a block you’re NOT working on, there’s a plus sign. You can click on it to add another block. It’s not there on the block you’re working on. 

I don’t know if you can insert a paragraph block into another one. Tried. Didn’t work. I tried highlighting the text and moving it into the paragraph above. No go. Copy and paste DID work though. 

Every time I’m in a block or start a new one, the side bar panel changes to the “block” section. It looks like the “document” section is similar to the old editor.  (*Note: the tagging is different. As far as I can tell, there’s no list to choose from and you have to type at least two letters for any of your previous tags to pop up.) I think with some practice I might be able to get this thing to work ok. If everything plays nice, then it MIGHT be better than the old editor. Seems like a lot more mechanics to it though. There’s always some adjusting when it comes to something new. 

I’m no techie, so if I can figure some of this out, everyone else is most likely going to breeze through it. Good luck!

UPDATE: I just now found some more information (the new editor is called Gutenberg) and a demo on my admin dashboard! I also learned that the editor at the moment is not complete or fully functional yet. Right now it’s a plugin but will  be in the WordPress 5.0 release. Also learned that they will keep the classic editor available as a plugin. So- if you go to your admin page, you can find out more about the new editor. Yay!

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  1. I’m putting this out as a reblog so folks who’ve encountered that new thing might have some instruction. I’d say VERY WELL DONE actually, as you got through it without shooting yourself (as a couple of other bloggers indicated they might). It sounds like WordPress ‘borrowed’ (read full out STOLE) the old text program for Mac computers…and damned if I can think of the name of it, but I had to learn it by God in order to graduate with my degree. I hated that damned thing too, when one has used Word Perfect or Word, going to a on-line ‘editor’ program like that is pretty ugly. But I transitioned from Word Perfect to Word, AND learned how to use that non-user friendly program too…I got THIS. *phew*

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  2. I hate change too, especially when I really don’t see a need for it. It’s just making things complicated for no good reason. A word of warning, if you decide to try out this blocks nonsense, get frustrated and decide to revert back to the old way within the same post (you can do this) you may find you just lost most of what you just wrote. It happened to me, I was very cross. Weebly another website creator have been using this nightmare of a way to make web pages for quite some time. I know this because I tried using it for quite a while but got so frustrated with it I came back to WordPress – now look! *Shakes head and quietly weeps*

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    1. I had a really hard time with it the first time I tried it. I wanted to get the post finished and got frustrated. This one was specifically for trying to figure the thing out. So no pressure. I’m sure it’ll frustrate me again until I get used to it. I wish they’d put a tutorial up explaining everything. That would really help. Thanks for your comment!

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  3. Ok, I take some of it back that I wrote in my last comment to you. I have tried it again, after reading your post which has demystified it somewhat. I think I could get used to it. It is quite good and I’m going to set myself some homework – write 100 lines of “I must develop more patience”.


      1. Yes your post was very helpful. Thank you, I had a much better experience second time round after reading your post. I dont think the mobile app has the facility on it yet so if I start a post on my phone, I have to remember to use the old editor to continue on a laptop. The two don’t seem to mix well within one post.


      2. Cool! You’re very welcome. I just put an update in the post because I just found MORE information on the new editor. It’s on my (and yours I’m sure) admin page in the dashboard. There’s more info as well as a live demo. I wish I’d have known earlier that they put info there. But at least it’s somewhere. 🙂


  4. I really like the way you did this post in.
    I haven’t been using this new editor, because … I like the old one and this one seems to be too extra for me. But I was wondering about just going for it and experimenting. I know some of my readers don’t like the new one, either, so I might choose to help them with a similar post to yours.

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    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment! I apologize for the late reply. I would definitely recommend experimenting with the new editor. There’s an option to go back to the old one (the last time I looked) if you don’t like it enough to continue with it. I’ve actually gotten used to the new one now. There are some things I like about it and some I don’t. Plus still other things I haven’t learned or tried.

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