What??!! 200 followers? Really? I’m totally surprised. I just had my 3 year anniversary here on WP. Now I’ve just reached 200 followers. I know it’s not a big number, especially for 3 years but for someone who doesn’t advertise or cultivate followers, I’m still amazed. 

I know some of the followers are just sites that are commercial or people who only clicked the follow button in order to get a return follow. That they don’t actually read anything I post. Which I find superficial. But whatever. To those of you that might actually read my posts, or even just look at the photos- Thanks! To those that take the time to comment or even just “like” one of my posts… I really appreciate it. More than that, it gives me a connection to other people. It’s really nice to visit with other people and I’ve “met” some really nice folks here. Some ladies that I have a lot in common with and whose blogs I truly enjoy: 

Gail, over at Moonlight Reflections https://nightowlgail.wordpress.com/

Shelley at Quaint Revival https://www.quaintrevival.com/

There’s Cee at Cee’s Photography who has lots of photos and information https://ceenphotography.com/

And Melanie who has a lot of interesting things to say https://sparksfromacombustiblemind.com/

There are more that I enjoy reading and commenting on, but I can’t list them all. But know if I’m following you that it’s because I actually enjoy your blogs and not because I hope you’ll follow me. 

Anyway… to everyone that is a part of that 200, THANK YOU!!


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