The Annual Quest

Is there blood coming out of my ears? I’m trying to find Christmas presents for Hubs and Dear Son and it feels like my brain could be hemorrhaging. I keep checking my nose for bleeding and so far, so good. But it’s just a matter of time.
Am I being overly dramatic? You may think so, but until you’ve been in this twilight zone, you just don’t understand. I’ll explain.

My guys don’t believe in making a “wish list”. You know, a Christmas list. A list of things they’d like to have or actually need. Oh no. I’ve come to the realization that I’m supposed to be psychic and should automatically know what they want or need. Hubs has actually said that very thing. As it turns out, he thinks the same thing about gifts for me. That he knows what I want or need for Christmas without me saying anything. Just between you and me, it doesn’t really work very well. Am I surprised by some gifts at Christmas? Uh. Yeah. Without a doubt and not in a good way. But, I digress. 

So anyway, back to me explaining… Yeah. No list. No idea what they want. And sorry, that shiny new red sports car will NOT fit under the tree, or in our budget. So I have to think vigorously i.e. wrack my brain to figure out what they like, or would want/need. What do they like to do? What would help them out in their lives? 98% of the time the answer is “nothing”. Most of the time, if there’s something they want/need, they get it for themselves. Even if it’s just a month before Christmas. Gahhhhh!!! 

Used to be, I would have to think of gifts for them for the rest of the family too! Like, something for my sister to get for Hubs. Thankfully, we’ve stopped getting gifts for the adults outside of our immediate family (sisters, bro-in-laws). That was a relief. So now I’m on my quest just for myself to find the holy grail. Oh. Wait. Did I mention that Hubs’ birthday is on Christmas (and Dear Son’s birthday is in November)? Oh yeah. There’s THAT.  So I spend hours and hours scrolling through Ebay and Amazon and anywhere else that might give me a glimmer of hope. I tell them “You’re going to get gifts dammit. So if you don’t want something dorky, you’d better come up with something you want.” Dear Son has thrown me some crumbs; a few ideas of what he’d like. Hubs does that husband thing where he mumbles and otherwise ignores what I’m saying. I really, really don’t want to waste money on something they’ll never use, or something they don’t like that will sit in the box gathering dust. Because to MY guys, returning something is like THE biggest taboo. I’m not sure what would happen to Hubs if he were actually forced to return something himself. I imagine tremors, profuse sweating, stammering, a trapped animal look in his eyes. If there’s any returning to be done, it’s done by me. I don’t want a hospital bill on top of it. 

My brain actually starts throbbing after several hours of searching the interwebs for something for them. I’ve thought about just throwing my hands up, tapping out so to speak. But that would make a pretty boring Christmas. If you think I’m being materialistic, I don’t care. It’s wonderful to see them open a present that’s something that they actually wanted. Why wouldn’t it be when it’s been such a monumental task to find it?

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  1. I feel your pain. My husband always says he doesn’t want a thing. I know he loves Home Depot or Lowe’s so I usually end up getting him a gift card to one of those and the usual bottle of cologne or aftershave and a shirt or two. My sons always seem to eventually come up with a list (after me hounding them for weeks) but it’s usually AFTER I’m finished with my shopping and it’s two days before Christmas!!!! Aaarrggghhh!! It’s frustrating isn’t it?

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  2. I certainly know the Gift Giving Blues that you express so eloquently here. My daughter said we should give each other activity gifts, so she is giving me cooking lessons and I am giving her family a trip to a fantastic musical. However, I still feel I need to wrap an actual small gift to put under the tree.

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