The Road Got Rocky

Man, it’s been a rough couple of weeks. First my brother goes into the hospital with kidney failure, and later finds out he has prostate cancer. He’s out of the hospital and doing better now, thankfully. He goes to the VA (Veteran Affairs), which I am less than thrilled with. In my opinion they are not giving veterans the care that they deserve. Hell, it’s not even what us “regular” folk get, let alone what someone who’s served their country should get. I’ll avoid getting on a tangent at this point. 

The other horrible event that I frankly didn’t want to lead with is that Hubs’ dad died last week. It was very sudden and relatively unexpected. He had been in ill health for the past few years, but not to the point of heart failure. Hubs’ parents live within driving distance so when his mom called, he flew over there. I was terrified, both for his dad and for Hubs driving at a high rate of speed to get there.  He said he hit 110 mph at one point. The EMT’s were already there, but they couldn’t revive his dad. 

I’ve spent the past week being supportive as best as I can. Trying to help out wherever I can. It’s a stressful situation to say the least. The shock of losing someone so close so suddenly is debilitating. Those of us that have lost someone close know that feeling. It’s a monumental struggle to understand that that person is no longer here and won’t come  back. And it doesn’t matter if you knew it was coming or not. The feeling of loss and grief is almost paralyzing.

So anyway… nothing’s been normal here for a couple of weeks. I’ve wanted to write in my blog, but just haven’t been able to. Plus I haven’t been able to think of anything to say other than what’s been happening. I decided that maybe if I just got it out, then maybe it would unblock my thought process and possibly open up some other topic. I’m hopeful. 


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