I had to look that word up, to make sure it meant what I thought it meant. There’s really not a better word to describe some things I’ve experienced. 

You know how you hear a song during a certain point in your life and forever after when you hear that song, it reminds you of that time or event? There are certain songs that I cannot listen to, to this day because of that. Just about anything from Creed’s album “Weathered”, and the song from “Human Clay” called With Arms Wide Open. I was taking care of my mom who was dying from cancer at the time (2001). My sister, brother-in-law and I would take shifts. Mine was the day shift and I’d drive over there every day. On the way home I’d be listening to those songs and bawling my eyes out. 

“Crying Over You”

Fast forward to February, 2002. It’s the middle of the night, at mom’s house. My sister and I are sitting with my mom who is nearing the end of her struggle. She’s unconscious and hasn’t woken for the past 24 hours or so. There’s a small night light by her bed so that we can see if she needs anything and to see each other. 

Suddenly my sister says “Look! Up at the ceiling!” I do, and there, shining brightly, is a cross. It’s on the ceiling, directly in line with the foot of my mother’s bed. If she’d have been awake, it would’ve been perfectly positioned in front of her. I got chill bumps, and I was stunned. It hadn’t been there before that night or any of the other nights. After a few moments, we tried to figure out some logic on what was making it. We decided that it must’ve been that little light reflecting off the base of her little medical table. You know the kind that they have at the hospitals that can roll and goes over the bed for the food. It has a chrome stand and base. We figure the light must’ve been just right and the table positioned just perfectly to create the reflection of a cross on the ceiling. That’s the logical explanation. But we both believe it was God telling us it was going to be ok. 

This is a fractal that came out as a cross.

A couple of days earlier, Mom had said that she’d talked to Jesus and that he was going to come and get her soon. For her not to be afraid. After that, she was much less anxious. While she was in a coma, we were watching her and she was making all sorts of faces of surprise & wonder. We think she was being shown what Heaven is like. 

I named this fractal “Angels At Night”.

This past week, Hubs’ mom had requested a song that her husband liked, to be played at the funeral service. It was an odd song for a funeral, but I wasn’t gonna say that. It’s “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers from 1988. We had to look it up to make sure it was the right one because we hadn’t heard it in a long time and she wasn’t sure of the name. So about a week later, we’re driving to pick her up to go to the funeral service. I look down, and on the radio that song is listed as playing right then. We didn’t have the sound on. I said “Look what’s on the radio right now!” None of us could remember the last time we’d heard that song, yet here it was, right in front of us, being played while we were en route to the funeral. We were all weirded out. For some reason they didn’t play it at the funeral. Maybe she changed her mind about having it played. I don’t know. 

So anyway, those are some of the amazing things that have happened that I believe are of a divine nature. Just thought I’d share. If you have a similar experience, feel free to share it! 

Another fractal that came out as a cross.

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  1. I love the cross story! That must have been very comforting to you and your sister!

    My mother spent the last two months of her life in a hospice residence and we were constantly hearing stories by the nurses about patients seeing angels in their room just prior to their death. Those stories used to give me cold chills.

    Since my mother died just before Christmas, I had taken a pre-lit Christmas wreath to hang in her room. The cord was too short and I realized I would need to bring an extension cord. But I plugged it in by her bed the first day I brought it and showed it to her. My mother told me it was beautiful. Then I explained that I would need to unplug it and would need to bring an extension cord the next day and could then hang it on the wall in front of her bed. She understood and told me I could unplug it but then looked at me and very seriously, she said, “But please don’t turn off my star!” I said, “What star mother?” She said, “The white star that’s above my bed,” and she pointed straight above to the ceiling. She said, “It’s so beautiful.” I couldn’t see a thing but I assured her I would NOT turn off her star. No one will ever convince me that there wasn’t a star there. Some people suggested maybe it was the overhead light but it was far to the left and in the center of the room, not straight above her bed where she pointed. I think the veil had been lifted and my mother was getting a glimpse of heavenly things.

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  2. Music is one of those things that sticks in our memory banks and helps us remember situations. How touching that you had so many divine moments. Lovely post, thank you for sharing!

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