Oh the Wind

Well, the wind is INSANE again today. You know the song: “OOOOOOOklahoma! Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains.” It’s no joke. It was pretty bad on Friday night. The screens on the windows were banging around. There were all sorts of wind related noises, including a whistle from the door. Sometimes it feels like this house is 40 years old instead of 3 1/2.

We live on top of a hill, with very few trees. Even the trees we do have are young, since we got them after the house. So the wind has its way with us whenever it feels like it. Which is fairly often.

So, the whistle from the door. I’m doing detective work to find the exact spot where the wind is getting through. I have to put my ear close to the door, otherwise it’s too hard to tell where the sound is coming from. Up, down, crawling around on the floor with my ear near the bottom of the door. I’m sure I looked like a patient from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. I have to figure out some sort of weatherstripping with sticky stuff to put in the gap that will stay when the door is opened & closed. We don’t use the front door a whole lot, but company does. Of course the gap was at the very bottom.

The only good thing about this wind is that it makes it easier to find the gaps and places that the a**holes didn’t caulk where they should’ve. That’s the only “good” thing that I can find in this scenario. I always try to look for the “good” thing. I firmly believe there’s good and bad for everything. Oddly, the wind is coming from the south today. This time of year 99% of the time it’s from the north or northwest.

Something interesting I learned. I had an arborist come out because my beautiful red maple tree is dying. 😦 Anyway, she said when trees are in the wind, they’ll grow branches specifically to help them brace themselves against the wind. We left the cable braces on them a little extra long because of this horrendous wind. Just until we felt they were big enough to survive it. Oh, and my beautiful red maple was planted too deep. The nursery that we bought it from were the ones that planted it. Great. Thanks. There’s really nothing we can do at this point. It really makes me sad.

I was thinking it was going to be an adventure to walk down to the mailbox. But then I happily remembered today is a holiday and there won’t be any mail. Another good thing to be happy about!

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  1. What a coincidence! Last week, we had extreme wind, and my house was whistling in the wind!! I live on top of a hill, too, and the entire house was shaking as if it were an earthquake. This house is old and on windy days, you could feel the wind coming in. Once my brother was sitting on the couch near the window and his hair was flying. So, I finally got new windows, double paned and all of that. This time with the wind, they were so airtight, the windows themselves were blowing in and out. A little scary, but I assume they are manufactured for that. By the way, I absolutely love your cartoon about the hair!!


    1. Oh Carol! That is a really drafty house! So glad you got good windows in. I bet your heating/cooling bills get much better too. Our old house was really drafty and I hated being cold in my own house.


  2. LOL – I can just see you investigating where the wind was coming from. I still do that, after 29 years in our house, to see where the construction crew was skimpy on caulk, etc. It’s amazing how they can cut corners (literally!). Have you read The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate – Discoveries from a Secret World. It’s an entertaining book about how trees grow and relate to each other. Enjoy the wind – by the way, love the cartoons you used for the post too!


  3. I hate drafts. Builder: “Oh the house has to breathe!” Me: “If it needs to breathe, I’ll open a window.” Don’t get me started on that guy and his minions. :/ Glad you like the cartoons! I found out I had to do it a different way to get them in the post. But at least it works.


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