CFFC- Texture

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Texture It was fun to find different types of texture. Here are a few. Cactus flower Ice storm in Oklahoma Chihuly glass in Seattle, Washington At Robber's Cave, in Oklahoma A view from an airplane

Social Situations

I'm pretty crappy in social situations. You know, like gatherings, get-togethers, groups of people in a room. I've written about it before; being an introvert. I think it's just being an introvert. I hope it's not some kind of phobia thing. I can live through them. I've made myself go to some of those things... Continue Reading →

Something Fun

I love to do "artsy" things. I've always drawn things. I remember drawing as far back as 2nd or 3rd grade. I also paint and do various other crafts like polymer clay, jewelry and decoupage. So imagine my absolute glee when I came across these two artistic techniques. Maybe you already know about these but... Continue Reading →

CFFC- Orange & Pink

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge is Orange & Pink  I think nature loves the combination. I think I love the combination. Sometimes it's hard to tell if it's orange or if it's pink. So would it then be "pinge" or "orink"? I don't think "oink" would work. 😀 Maybe it's just peach. Here are some of... Continue Reading →

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