Garage Sale!

Somehow I got roped into a garage sale this past weekend. I don't mean going to one, but participating in one. The backstory is that 6 or 7 years ago my sister decided to have one and asked if I wanted to join in. I agreed. Then it turned into one every year. For a... Continue Reading →

Tornado Season: Here We Go

Sigh. It's that time again already? I hate it so much. Honestly. You'd think I'd be used to it by now. I've lived in Oklahoma most of my life. I guess I'm more used to it than someone who's only lived here a year or two. There are a few things I know that a... Continue Reading →

Photo a Week: Beauty

Photo a Week: Beauty Ah! Beauty! Shouldn't be too hard to find examples of that! Who doesn't love to see something beautiful?! Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada Bowman Lake, Glacier Nat'l Park, Montana

CFFC- Signs

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Signs I'd love to have this for my address. I have no explanation for this. 🙂 Pretty horse, for a sign. BC, Canada

Photo a Week: Fire

Nancy Merrill's Photo a Week: Fire I don't have any photos of actual fire. These are the results of fire: smoke, charring. A vehicle was on fire several miles down the highway. Charred wood. A huge fire in New Mexico. A fire in Oklahoma. A fire in Oklahoma. This may have been a controlled burn.

Photo for the Week #34

Bren, over at Brashley Photography has a weekly (now monthly) photo challenge that I came across. I decided to join in, and this weeks topic is "In the Pink". Which covers anything pink. 🙂 Of course I have to submit some flowers. I've come across some of the most beautiful examples of pink with them.... Continue Reading →

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