RDP- Island

RDP- Island I wish I could think of something like some tropical island somewhere. Right now all I can think of is all of the rain and horrific weather we've had in the past week and in fact, most of the past month. I'm thinking our house might end up being on an island only... Continue Reading →

CYW: Antique Brass

Yay! Jennifer is doing her Color Your World series again this year! This time it's one color per week. This week's color is Antique Brass. Hex# cd9575 A cute little American Saddlebred foal. In horse terms his color would be called chestnut, or sorrel.

CFFC: Feathers

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Feathers. Ocean Shores, Washington Ocean Shores, Washington Bald Eagle that was on display at the top of the tramway. She was rescued after being shot and lives in an enclosure now. Juneau, Alaska At the Butterfly House, Branson, Missouri All of the blackbirds in the tree and the turkey vulture on... Continue Reading →

PaWC: Raindrops

The Photo a Week Challenge is "Raindrops". Raindrops just add something to a photo for some reason. The raindrops on these plants looked like jewels to me. They all just settled in the center of the plant. A raindrop in a Lantana flower, which is extremely tiny. Another example of some raindrops in Lantana flowers.... Continue Reading →

PaWC: Rule of Thirds

This is for the Photo a Week Challenge: Rule of Thirds. Thankfully Nancy doesn't mind if we go back to past challenges that we have missed! Hopefully these examples abide by the rule of thirds. Sunset from our cabin balcony. Hello Ms. Mantis! Natural art in my back yard. New Mexico

RDP: Eyebrow

The Ragtag Daily Prompt for today is "Eyebrow". At first I thought it'd be a hard one. Then I realized that Schnauzers have some of the best eyebrows ever! I'm biased of course. Every so often, in between groomings, I have to do what I call "butts & brows". Which involves trimming the hair around... Continue Reading →

PaWC: Three of a Kind

The Photo a Week Challenge is "Three of a Kind" this week. The requirement is three photos of the same subject but from different perspectives. I found something to fit that requirement. This iris had a friendly bee visiting. I started with a close-up shot and gradually got closer. Oh the joys of a macro... Continue Reading →

Hello Beautiful!

I got the idea to go up to the Will Rogers Gardens in Oklahoma City last weekend. I'd seen some irises growing in yards nearby and that reminded me of the magic in the gardens. It's been raining and severe storms had been plaguing us all last week and Saturday was suppose to be a... Continue Reading →

CFFC- Eyes

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge is Eyes As I'm sitting here, listening to & watching the weatherman track all of the severe storms around/on us, I'm gonna look for some photos for Cee's Fun Foto Challenge. One of my sweet Schnauzer pups. Another beautiful Schnauzer pup. Whatever you want baby boy. I can deny you nothing.... Continue Reading →

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