Hello Beautiful!

I got the idea to go up to the Will Rogers Gardens in Oklahoma City last weekend. I’d seen some irises growing in yards nearby and that reminded me of the magic in the gardens.

It’s been raining and severe storms had been plaguing us all last week and Saturday was suppose to be a bit cloudy, but clearing by afternoon. So I was thrilled about that.

We got up there and there were flowers in abundance. Not only irises, but others as well. I always get pansies and petunias mixed up. It’s some sort of mental block that I can’t seem to straighten out. I try to remember that pansies are smaller than petunias. But it’s not helping.

This is a pansy.

There were some poppies growing among the irises. The gardener was pulling them up. She said the poppies were from last year and that they would be taking nutrients from the irises. It seemed a shame to pull them up. Being naive, I’m thinking of the pretty flowers, not the opioid properties of the plant, which may be another reason why she was disposing of them. I don’t know.

The poppies were pretty too.

I went back to capturing all of the irises that I could. Here are a few. Although I was using a Macro lens, a lot of these are simply close-up photos. I’ll share more later.

9 thoughts on “Hello Beautiful!

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  1. A lovely crop of pictures. The poppies are my favourite colour for poppies. I sympathise with your petunia / pansies confusion. I have been calling dandelions daffodils and I don’t think I would have noticed if my Mum hadn’t pointed it out.

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  2. just an fyi…opiod poppies are always scarlet, and they are a subspecies of any poppies one can purchase in the states.
    Gorgeous flowers, and which side of OKC is the garden? I want to go but can’t seem to figure out exactly how to get there from here…….lol

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