Well, someone needs to bonk me on the head with a pool noodle a few times. Maybe I should just do it myself. I’ve really been wanting to write in my blog but it seems like absolutely everything is getting in the way of that.

Here it is, almost 11:00 pm and I’m trying to write. It seems to be the only time I have that I won’t get interrupted immediately. Hubs is bound to come in to go to bed soon though, so that’ll be the interruption, and I’ll have to put this in a draft for another time. It’ll fit nicely with the 9 others in waiting.

I’ve had things to write about, but finding the time, the right kind of time, has been severely difficult. I’m going to try harder. I just need to get strict with a block of time to use for this blog. Easier said than done though.

Comments are always welcome.

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