PaWC: Unexpected

Photo a Week Challenge: Unexpected

I’m not sure if the photos are supposed to include something unexpected, i.e. something that wasn’t readily seen in the photo, or if they’re supposed to show something that I came across that was unexpected. That probably makes no sense…

I’ll try to illustrate with the photos.

In this photo, I didn’t realize there was an elk in the frame until I looked through the viewfinder and composed the shot. So it was unexpected to see her there.

A little bit closer.

A much closer shot, but there’s the loss of focus. I thought it was unusual that she was by herself. I couldn’t see another elk in the area.

With other photos, it was completely unexpected to find out how beautiful a common thistle was in a macro, or even close-up shot.

But then again, I’m always amazed by the hidden world I find in macro shots. Like this perfect dandelion flower. We were just hiking along a path and there it was. Usually they’re pretty irregular and have petals missing.

I couldn’t have been more shocked than when this black bear crossed in front of us on the Talimena Drive in Oklahoma. Especially since Hubs had just finished saying there were black bears in Oklahoma and I said “No way!” Thanks Universe, for proving me wrong and him right for about the billionth time. Thanks. At least I had my camera on my lap and was quick enough to capture the bear before he disappeared. Crappy shot, but there was no time fiddle with the camera.

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  1. Three Unexpecteds At Once!! Black bears in Oklahoma? No way, until photo proves it. Macro shots, yes, totally my favorites, at all times. And the elk, again, it is so much fun to look and look and then to see and see unexpected things!!

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post Carol! Yep. Probably a 1 in a million chances that we’d actually see a black bear, let alone get a photo. On one hand, Fate went out of it’s way to prove me wrong. On the other, it smiled on me when I got the photo. 🙂


  2. Great unexpected shots. I thought you were pulling our legs with the Elk. You saved yourself by the zooming in! LOL. I like the photo selection you chose, nice job.


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