Super Creepy Crap- 2019

The annual Super Creepy Crap posts for 2019 are here. I had hoped to do them all month, but I haven’t been anywhere to gather more examples. My Super Creepy Crap inventory is thin. πŸ™‚ Here are the other posts from the past. (and I get to try out the “list” feature! Woo Hoo!)

For those of you who don’t know, Super Creepy Crap is stuff that I come across in various antique stores that are, well, super creepy; at least to me. It’s up to you if you feel the same. I mean, somebody liked this stuff enough to buy it. So I guess it’s in the eye of the beholder.


Clowns…I know a lot of people are creeped out by clowns. Some of them do that to me too. This is one of them.

This clown looks like he’s spent a rough night in an alley somewhere. What is all that stuff on his face?? Is that a flask that he’s holding? AND he’s smoking a cigar?? AND his pants are falling off?? No thanks.

This dog is just hideous. It would have to stay outside, in a container until I could get rid of it.

Last but certainly not least, this doll. I’ve expressed my aversion to creepy dolls before. This one is, well, self-explanatory. Seriously… who would want this in their house? It didn’t help at all that they had it up on a top shelf, hovering over everything. Somebody has a wicked sense of humor. Nice.

9 thoughts on “Super Creepy Crap- 2019

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  1. Ew. Those clowns (particularly that first one) are the stuff of nightmares. I rather like the hobo ‘clown’ though (wouldn’t want to OWN it now mind you), and you know my opinion of the dog. He just needs a home (ala Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree). That levitating cracked head doll? Well I suspect that the doll is a true antique, but isn’t worth what it might be IF someone had taken proper care of it. Some of those old dolls are worth a LOT. But broken? Sentimentality aside, just throw it out. That thing is also the stuff of nightmares. Brrrrrr.

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  2. The doll is both creepy and sad. She was probably once loved by a little girl back in the day. I have one just like her in my cedar chest only because she was my mother’s doll when she was a little girl and my mother told me and my two sisters to please not throw her away when she died. I was the lucky one who got her after my mother’s death and I honestly don’t know what to do with her but I can’t make myself throw her away. So poor scary Betty June is resting in peace in my cedar chest. A friend told me I should use her as a Halloween decoration but she scares the crap out of one of my cats! He is terrified of her and runs when he sees her!

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    1. I remember talking about that doll with you Gail! You said she only has sentimental value and you didn’t know what to do with her. I get that. I have stuff of my mom’s that I have packed away and can’t get rid of. You’re right. This doll is creepy and sad. Maybe she was pretty when she was new and I’m sure she was loved by some little girl.

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