PaWC- Ice

Photo a Week Challenge- Ice

Here in Oklahoma, we get more ice than snow. A couple of years have had some pretty bad ice storms. These photos are from the ice storm of 2010.

The ice doesn’t seem to bother the cardinals or a red-headed woodpecker.
The pine tree was completely encased.
The ice made the hedge look beautiful.

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    1. Thanks Gail! I think the ice is much worse than snow. It brings down power lines and breaks trees and people have a lot of accidents because of it. Of course, we don’t get a fraction of the snow they get farther north, so it’s hard to compare. Thanks for commenting!

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      1. I agree. We’ve lost power many a time due to ice snapping power lines. Ice storms are no fun but they sure do make the trees pretty (although they can be so damaging, snapping branches, power lines, etc.),

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