Small Joys of Christmas

A list of small joys around Christmas time. In no particular order.

Online shopping. Really, if this list was in order, this little joy would be at the top. Wait, it is! How much easier and stress-free my Christmas shopping has become with online shopping! No more dealing with crowds, weather, and driving all over creation to find what I want. Magic elves just deliver it to my doorstep!

Who hasn’t found a spark of joy when they’re wrapping presents and they cut the paper just the right size? No waste, no extra cutting.

Or, when you’re wrapping and you get that nice, clean fold on the ends. There’s no “back” side showing of the paper and it’s not lopsided. Score!

When you have plenty of tape and don’t have to go hunt for more, or worse, stop until you can get more. The same goes for wrapping paper.

When you’re finally DONE with gifts. This is actually a BIG joy.

When you have all of your ingredients for Christmas dinner before everything disappears off the shelf.

When you’ve gotten all of your decorations up and it looks just like you wanted.

When the weather is cooperative and you don’t have to worry about people driving on ice.

When the food for Christmas turns out just like it should.

Finally when it’s all over and you’ve gotten the decorations all put up and away where they belong until next year.

RDP- Christmas

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  1. I’m right there with you on all of those things! I love the photos and the birds you captured on the ice. What a cool moment in time. Merry Christmas late, and Happy New Year late too! Good thing being on time wasn’t one of my goals for either year ;-)!

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