RDP- Horror

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Horror

Oh my gosh. There are so many horrors! Like, I’ve just spent a month trying to get an order with Amazon straightened out. A MONTH. Talking to over half a dozen different people with Amazon and having to explain the situation over & over each time. I’m still not truly convinced it’s over. Not until the refund is confirmed by the credit card. Ugh.

Anyway, I’ll move on to the more conventional horrors, like ghosts. Wooo Hooo!! Do y’all believe in ghosts or the supernatural? I do. I mean, why not? There’s been too many weird things happen that’s been recorded and too many stories. I’ve had a few experiences myself that couldn’t have any other explanation.

Three Valleys, BC, Canada

The one I’ll tell you about goes like this: Two of my friends and I were driving home one afternoon. It was about an hour before sunset. It’s a semi-rural area with only a couple of buildings around. I was in the back seat, leaning forward and we were talking. I could see out the windshield from the middle of the small car we were in. We took the exit off of the highway and I saw a man walking right in front of us, sort of at an angle, like he was gradually crossing the street but walking up it at the same time. His back & left shoulder was to the car. He looked around and he was a white guy with long dark hair. I remember there was no look of shock or fear that a car was right there. He was wearing a long army green coat and dark boots, which was odd since it was mid July and in the upper 90’s at the least.

All three of us saw him and I remember saying “Watch out!” as did my other friend. The girl driving swerved to miss him and as we did, we went into the nearby gravel driveway of a building that had been closed for a while and spun the car around. We looked to see if the guy was alright. Although we didn’t hit him, we figured he would be as freaked out as we were.

Not the road in this story. Just a road I’ve been on. 🙂

He was nowhere to be seen. In the direction he had been heading there was a huge berm for the overpass over the interstate. There wasn’t enough time for him to go around or over the berm. Besides the interstate was right there, and no room under the bridge because it was fenced. We looked every direction and he was gone. It was only a few seconds from the time she swerved to when she hit the driveway and turned the car towards where he’d been.

We were completely freaked out at that point and confirming that each of us had actually seen somebody. We agreed on what he looked like & what he was wearing. At first we thought maybe he was in the ditch next to the road, but realized it wasn’t deep enough for a human to hide. Besides the fact that she didn’t hit him. We fully expected him to be standing there when we turned the car. I don’t know about them, but a cold chill ran down my spine. I was ready to get out of there. I said so, and they agreed. We talked about it of course, on the way home. We tried to reason where he could’ve gone, but none of the answers were feasible.

Talimena Drive in Oklahoma.

I’m fully convinced that he was an apparition. By the way, for the record, we were in our mid 20’s at the time and all of sound mind and hadn’t been partying or anything like that. We’d been shopping that day. Funny thing is, 40 years later, I take that exit all the time now to get home. I’ve thought of that experience a few times at that spot. I guess I’ll never know the explanation, and it still freaks me out when I think about it.

Talimena Drive in Oklahoma.

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  1. WOW – that is quite the story. Do you and your friends still talk about it with each other? I had a friend who had a ghost living in his house. It would move furniture across the floor in front of the and rock the rocking chair. Creepy. Your fog photos are great!

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