Super Creepy Crap 2020

Ahhh! 2020! I’m struggling to think of something that I will miss about you. I know there are a few months left and there’s still time to at least try to redeem yourself. But I still won’t be sad to shove you into the past with a boot to the back.

With that being said, it leads me to yet another reminder of this crappy year. I didn’t get to go to a single antique store this year. Which is minor really, when I’ve only been to a couple of necessary stores all year. Luckily, I still have some examples of Super Creepy Crap from previous years.

So for the uninformed, my Super Creepy Crap is examples of scary, creepy stuff I come across in various antique stores. I’ve always come across things that make me wonder why someone would own it. It gave me the great idea to share these lovelies on my blog. Yep, I’m a giver like that. 🙂 Initially, I thought I’d share them just whenever. But then antique store visits became like trips to a candy store- infrequent. Then I decided to just do it during October, the creepiest month (and one of my favorites) of the year.

Without further ado, the Super Creepy Crap for 2020!

So you want $29 for this dog in camo? Is it a whole dog or just the head? I’m afraid to look. Plus half of his ear is gone. Poor dog. I feel that it’s totally appropriate for the Red Skull to be right next to him.

Now this dog/wolf creates a certain ambiance for sure. Maybe if you’re going into a cave, looking for zombies.

What were these people thinking when they made this thing? That eye makes me think this bunny has severe mental issues. And what is that black stuff between his ears? Hair? A toupee? Good grief. As a side note, I’m skeptical of the bull-like thing behind the bunny. I’m guessing it’s a bull because I think those are horns. Anybody’s guess though.

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