Lens-Artist Challenge #125

L-A C #125- You Pick It

This week for the Lens-Artist Challenge we pick our own topic. Tina used Wabi-Sabi for her topic which I thought was great. Quoted from Tina’s post: “Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese concept that recognizes beauty in the imperfections of life and the natural cycle of growth and decay.” I didn’t know it had a name, but there have been more than a few things which have lost the glow of youth that have looked beautiful to me. I’ll show a few of those first.

On to the part of the challenge where I pick the topic. I’ve picked the lowly thistle for my topic. While I was outside one day, looking for things for macro shots I came across some thistles. I was, and still am, stunned by how beautiful the buds are. The flowers are gorgeous in their own right, but the buds are incredible.

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  1. Loved that homestead – I love decay and dilapidated houses. Well photographed. But then – I also love thistles and you really made them shine! Macro is excellent on them – showing their intriguing symmetry. Very good choices!

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  2. The old homestead is so intriguing; who lived there; what did they do; what a symbol of an era past!!! I wish I could just step back and be there!!! And then your choice for wabi-sabi. The red daisies with petals missing, totally beautiful in harmony( Do you know the name of the red daisy? ) I only recently heard about wabi-sabi; there is a gallery near me that had an entire wabi-sabi exhibit (last year, before Covid)

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    1. That’s what I think of old abandoned buildings too Carol! The stories they could tell, how glorious they were when new. I’d never heard of wabi-sabi before. There’s always something new to learn! Unfortunately I don’t know the name of the daisy. It might’ve been at the local nursery so if I see it again, I’ll make a note & let you know. šŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks! Yes, I could’ve gone up to the fence to get closer to the homestead. At the time though, I was more interested in the entire scene, with all of the blackbirds in the trees and the buzzard on the chimney. Kinda creeped me out at the time. It’s a couple of hours away, but we may take a road trip back up there in the near future. It’s near the Great Salt Plains in Oklahoma, which is a fascinating place of its own. Thanks so much for commenting!

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