PaWC: Abandoned

PaWC: Abandoned I love old abandoned buildings and houses. I try to get photos of them when I can.

Near the Moffat Tunnel, Colorado
Mini Ha Ha Tonka Castle, Missouri
Idaho. It says “reported” on the roof.
Boreas Pass, Colorado
I’m not sure if this counts as abandoned.
This was a good distance away, hence the crummy focus. It looks like a water pump on the right, so I’m thinking this might’ve been a homestead. Although, the doorway seems kind of short, and the logs are spaced far apart. Somewhere in Colorado.
This cemetery was out in the middle of nowhere in BC, Canada.

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  1. I share your fascination with places like those. I tend to make up stories about who might have lived or worked there (if it’s an old house or building) , and ‘urban ruins’ are one of my particular interests – old hospitals, theaters, office complexes and so forth. I follow a blogger who used to blog quite a lot here – her site was “Crumbling Walls” and she’d travel around to different cities in the U.S.A. and I believe even went to Russia and did a piece on Chernobyl (before the plague of course) . She hasn’t posted in quite some time, but it was a fascinating blog! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos!

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    1. I’m with you Melanie. I always think of how spectacular the building must’ve been when new, and all of the things it’s seen in the following years. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos!


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