RDP- Storm

We get some pretty crazy storms here. In fact, tornado season is coming up and any time from April to July there is high anxiety when storms are brewing. We live on top of a hill and can see a long distance which means we can see the storms coming our way, or passing us by. It’s pretty awesome.

Storm front coming through.

The photo below is from a day full of tornadoes. You can see several low hanging clouds. When the trees began to whip in different directions it was time to go to the shelter.

This is not a tornado, but just an interesting cloud. It was a clear, beautiful day.

Usually if there’s a green tint to the clouds, it’s not good.

RDP- Storm


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  1. I know that green tint hue that you speak of well and yes, it’s never a good “thing” to see. I’ve also noticed a pinkish tint before a tornado. We’re having storms today and tonight and the possibility of tornadoes. It’s that time of year…. Here we go!! I wish we had storm shelters here since we seem to have a lot more tornadoes now than in the past but they aren’t a common thing here.

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    1. We had a storm roll through yesterday. Probably part of what you’re getting. I’m guessing, but I’d say 70% of homes here have a storm shelter of some type. New homes have them in the garage. Ours is a walk-in, not underground. I always dread this time of year.

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  2. Your photos and explanation of tornado season really brought your part of the country home to me!! A long time ago, I joined the “Cloud Appreciation Society”, I love clouds and learning about them. Your photos are fantastic. But the anxiety part not so fantastic. Where I live, we have almost no clouds. It is a big treat to see a cloud. But we have to worry about earthquakes, and there is no way to predict them.

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    1. The weathermen here are the best. We get real-time updates and on bad days they’re on the TV non-stop all day and into the night. They have helicopters up in the air reporting and showing the storms. They can tell you exactly where a storm with the potential for tornados might form, what direction it will most likely be going and when it will get there. I can’t count how many tornadoes I’ve seen manifest in real time on the TV. It’s both fascinating and horrifying all at once.

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    1. A lot of times you can’t see the tornado because it’s what we call “rain wrapped”; hidden by the rain. We are completely dependent on our weathermen during tornado season. Thanks for your comments and the likes!

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