We got a Jeep about a year and a half ago. I’m feeling pretty lucky to have gotten one in this color. It’s called Bikini Pearl. It was produced for approximately a year and I love it. This is what it looked like before Hubs started changing out parts, like bumpers and wheels.

There’s a ton of stuff you can do to these vehicles. It’s standard to take just the front roof off over the front seats. You can also take the entire roof off as well as all of the doors. Jeepers call taking the roof off “going topless” and with all the doors and roof off “going naked”. Jeeper dudes are also comics, just so you know.

I haven’t gotten used to taking all of the doors off & then going down the highway. You are definitely out in the open; kind of like a motorcycle except bigger. It’s a little unnerving at first with all the vehicles and 18-wheelers rushing by. I have trouble with the wind beating the crap out of me. Hubs doesn’t have that problem for some unknown reason, no matter which direction we’re going. I haven’t figured it out. I did figure out that it’s not a problem as long as you’re going a moderate speed, like in town.

We’ve gotten to go off-road with the Jeep a few times. It’s kind of hard to find trails & places wide enough for a Jeep to go on here in OK. These were some trails in Colorado around and on Weston Pass, and to be honest, they weren’t anything a pickup truck or an SUV couldn’t go down. We weren’t ready for any rock climbing or really technical stuff yet. It was still a lot of fun.

Below is in Disney, OK, along the river bed. Lots of rock climbing to do here. There are huge Jeep gatherings here every so often. Disney is on the shore of Grand Lake, which is gorgeous.

The river bed is great for rock climbing. People get kinda crazy. You can see some of that if you Google “Disney, Oklahoma”. There’s still water in the river, but Grand Lake has a dam which they open up when needed and it floods into the river. Thankfully they warn you with sirens when they’re planning on opening the dam. I’m guessing they put signs up that day to let people know as well.

This is called Viagra Hill. Comics, remember?

We’ve only gotten to explore a little, but it’s been a lot of fun so far!

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