L-A #154: Two Ways

Lens-Artists #154

One photo, two ways. I’m interpreting this as the same subject two ways.

Flower without a bee.
Flower with a bee.

There’s an elk in this photo. She’s a long way away. Even this photo is zoomed in somewhat. Did you find her? If you click on the photo, you can see a bigger version.

This photo is zoomed in a lot!
I was lucky enough to come across a turtle! His face looks sort of bird-like to me. I wonder if they were related back in the dinosaur days.
He decided I was ok after I’d sat there a while. It looks like he’s thinking “Hey! Lady! Quit bothering me!”

9 thoughts on “L-A #154: Two Ways

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  1. A creative idea to juxtapose flower with bee and flower without bee. Fun to look for the elk!! And that turtle!! Yes, indeed you captured the bird-ness of a turtle, something I had never thought of before. I will google it. ” Are turtles related to birds in some way?”


    1. Glad you enjoyed the photos Carol! I think it’s a pretty slim chance the turtle & bird are related, even in the dinosaur days. Although… some prehistoric birds look kinda reptilian to me. That’s what I get for wondering out loud.


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